Being heard is even more important at the holidays

One thing you repeatedly hear from people when they are frustrated in a relationship is that the other person is not listening to them.

Not being heard is hard on people for several reasons. It shows a good amount of disrespect when someone asks you something, and they are ignored. It makes people feel as though they are not worthy of consideration. I

It is also one of the primary reasons people feel alone and isolated. None of these feelings or positions is positive for marriage or working relationships. Even if two people talk through a problem and both care about it inside, it doesn’t fully resonate with the other person unless some action is taken. We show people that they are heard and that what is important to them is worthy of being discussed with action.

If someone tells you that the trash can is full while making the kid’s dinner, it’s best to get up and empty it. This means that one person can do some of the work. It means that action or even a plan to resolve the issues needs to be addressed.

Do you need extra help cleaning, taking the kids to activities, preparing meals, getting groceries, or even taking your significant other out on a date?

When things come up in conversation as a problem for one person, it is essential to hear what that person is saying, but it is also important to make sure you take action or at least create a plan to take action on their needs.

If the “need” isn’t a need, it’s a want; you can discuss how this particular issue can not be resolved and will have to remain unresolved. Working on this and taking action shows that the relationship and, thus, the other person is essential to you and take priority in your life. It

doesn’t matter what they ask or their needs; it matters how we respond if we want the other person to feel heard.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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