Are You Tired of Everyone Saying We Should Strive for Equality?

I’m tired of everyone talking about equality without a cohesive definition. It seems like everywhere I go, someone is preaching about how we should all be equal and striving for fairness. But does anyone stop to think about what this means?

What would it take to achieve it? I don’t think so. In this article, I want to talk about why I wouldn't say I like the idea of equality and why it’s a terrible goal to strive for.

Equal opportunity. I am a fan of it. However, the idea that we should all strive to be equal is not just impossible; it’s counterproductive. 

If two people are in a room and are equal, there is no reason for one to be there. Person A is equal to person B, so they are both easily replaceable like a cog in a wheel. 

The path to equality makes people expendable and easily blurs a person into a number like a drone worker bee.  You want people that are not equal around you. I need people who are strong in the areas I am weak.

Why would we ever stay together if my wife were equal to me? She is strong in areas I am weak, so we add value to each other as a team. 

The idea that women and men could be equal is absurd. However, there are areas men are typically superior to women. Watch any sport and places where women are generally superior to men and look the way women are with young children.

The woman part easily sees high points like EQ, children, and multitasking. Of course, these are generalities, but you get the point. 

The idea is that we complement each other. What area can you cover for one of my deficiencies, and what can I help you cover so we can move forward as a team?

The other side is that if person A can cover the weak spots in person B, it leaves time to pour into what person B does well so that they can do it even better. 

Building a team requires inequality; otherwise, the team or partnership doesn't add value to itself; 4 great CEOs or 4 great CPAs don't make a company work.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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