A force of action makes the process real

When we start to plan for the future, whether it be financially, for health, or just a plan for the family it is always important to do something to create a force of action. A force of action is a step that makes this process real. Using a force of action takes things from the I am thinking about it stage to the I am doing something about it stage.

The force of action steps that I like the most are writing things down, making a vision board, and spending money. Often if we start thinking about a new project and we start writing down goals, plans, and steps to take to make an idea real that is enough of a force of action to get started making things real. My favorite way of doing this is making a todo list and then assigning the action items that are best suited to the person they should go to. In this way writing things down isn't just putting your wants on paper it is putting them on paper in actionable steps.

Vision boards are another great way for visual learners to prepare for the future. Putting things on your board that motivate you or that remind you of dreams you are working for can really make the grind easier. I like to use pictures of things I will be able to do with my kids at a later point in life. The idea that, one, I am planning events and life with my family makes me feel better and 2 that I have something to work for is equally beneficial.

Then there is spending money, or committing to spend money. I have often seen people pay for courses, trips, or cars to force themselves to do the work. This is very effective; however, it is obviously dangerous. If you are going to do this, I recommend doing it in a trigger event fashion. What I mean by that is saying if X thing does not happen by X date, then I will donate X amount of money to a specific charity. For instance, if I do not have a podcast created with 10 shows in the can in 2 weeks, I will donate $5000 to Hera’s Choice charity.

This works as a stick to force you into getting things done. I like all of these force of action tools as getting things from inside your head to working in the real world is ALWAYS hard. Finding a way to motivate and push yourself is important. Find your way of getting ideas out of your head and into the real working world, if you don’t all you will have at the end of your days is regret.

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