Blood Work - PSA
Blood Work - PSA
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Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a test of the prostate most associated with detecting and tracking cancer.  There are 2 forms in the blood the bound cPSA and free or fPSA.  Most PSA tests are a test of total PSA which cPSA added to fPSA.  The PSA test is used as a tumor marker to track health of the prostate.  If the levels of the PSA get to high or go up too quickly prostatitis and prostate cancer can be of concern.  PSA can also be elevated in some cases of benign prostatic hypertrophy which can increase the size of the prostate but is not as dangerous. 

Do I Need This Test? 

If you are going doing testosterone replacement therapy 

  • Anyone doing testosterone therapy 
  • If you have slow or restricted urination 
  • If you feel as though you cannot fully empty your bladder 
  • Blood in the urine or seminal fluid 
  • Waking to urinate at night 
  • Anyone over the age of 45 
  • If you have anyone in your family with a history of prostate cancer 
  • Sudden onset or quickly advancing erectile dysfunction 
  • Frequent urination 


What Other Tests Should I look at for These Issues? 

DHT, Testosterone, CBC, CMP 


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