Spinal Decompression Treatment

Herniated discs are one of the most severe issues that chiropractors work on. Many chiropractors do not even work with disc problems because of the need for specialty training and the level of difficulty in effective treatment. However, spinal decompression has been shown to effectively treat this serious issue. This gentle directed pulling on the spine to take the pressure of the disc and the spasm of the muscle away from nerves works wonders to restore normal function and decrease pain. Spinal decompression therapy, along with adjusting, allows fluid to move back into the disc and takes the pressure off of nerves allowing for surgery free pain reduction. All spinal decompression is broken down into parts. The first part is relaxation of the muscles, this is best done with massage or electrical stimulation.

The second part is the chiropractic adjustment, this ensures that the bones, and joints are aligned properly so when the joints are pulled apart there is no additional torqueing or twisting of an already inflamed and painful disc. Third is the spinal decompression, where a sophisticated computerized program gently pulls apart the affected area allowing the disc complex to relax and heal. The fourth component is the maintenance that is done both in the clinic and at home with specially designed exercises to strengthen weak muscles, regain postural tone, and maintain normal joint function to ensure that the chance of further damage is reduced. Spinal decompression requires specialty training to be both safe and effective. The providers at Chalmers Wellness have special training and certifications in both neurology and spinal decompression. If you have any questions please contact the office for a free consult.

Effective Care

Spinal decompression treatment is:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Non-invasive (no surgery or drugs)
  • Affordable (financing available)
Spinal Cecompression for low back pain and sciatica from Chalmers Wellness

Pain (sometimes severe) develops whenever you try to move your shoulder

Spinal Decompression for slipped and herniated discs helped this Pt and he wanted to tell everyone how he is feeling now. This patient received his treatment at Chalmers Wellness in Frisco TX. He had pain from his low back down his legs into his feet. Nothing that he did would make the pain go away or get better including medical drugs or physical therapy.