Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

Many people have issues with pain in the shoulder. If you let the pain limit the amount you use your shoulder you can end up with frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is where you can only move your arm a little way before it starts to hurt, or when you cannot lift it all the way up at all. There are several causes for this the largest reason is higher neurological tone in the anterior portion of the shoulder girdle than the posterior, basically the front of the body is tighter than the back. This imbalance of muscle pulling makes the arm go forward and down. This limits the way the shoulder can actually function and over time it starts to lock down the arm entirely.

You can see the beginning of this issue when you see your shoulders start to roll forward. This process is made worse as the head starts to move forward and the chin drifts down, into what is called head forward posture. Very often our day to day posture will create these issues from using a cell phone, to a keyboard, reading, and even driving. This can not only lead to shoulder pain but upper back and neck pain.

To resolve this issue the professionals at Chalmers Wellness use a Process developed by Dr. Chalmers called neurological reflexive inhibition to restore the proper muscle balance to the body. This helps reduce pain and increase function whether you only have 30% of your movement or you are trying to regain the last 30% of your motion we can help restore your motion. This process has been very effective for our military personal, athletes, grandparents, and even stay at home moms. If you have any questions please call the office for a free consult.

Shoulder Pain

Are you plagued by a dull, aching pain in your shoulder? If the pain has been going on for more than a day, don’t ignore it—it could be a sign you have chronic shoulder pain. Fortunately, you don’t have to continue to put up with that nagging pain in your life. Chalmers Wellness offers the holistic, non-traditional treatment programs you need to enjoy a happy, pain-free life.

Treatments for Shoulder Pain

houlder pain can be caused by anything from a rotator cuff injury to the onset of a condition such as osteoarthritis. In some cases, however, you may simply be overexerting your shoulder. The treatment your healthcare provider will recommend for your pain depends very much on what is determined to be causing it.

Directed exercises, and specialized stretching may be useful, as will resting your arm and trying to avoid or minimize any activities that may be contributing to your shoulder pain. If the problems are allowed to continue to worsen it may be necessary to look at surgery or medications. However, if we can get at the problem before it gets too severe very often major surgery or deep injections can be avoided. If you have shoulder pain that is new and distracting you from life or has been coming and going come in today for a free consult.

Get an immediate Consultations When

These are some of the warning signs of chronic shoulder problems that you should watch out for: Shoulder pain that comes on sudden and is sharp can indicate tearing. If your issues are dull nagging and have been around for a while can indicate muscle problems and joint dysfunction.

If you have more issues using your arm, or if you have lost ability to use your shoulder normally. These issues can get severe to the point you lose feeling, have weakness, tingling, numbness, from the neck all the way down the shoulder into the hand. If you have any of these issues it is time to get in and see a professional.