Looking Forward & Preventing Issues Before They Become A Problem With Dr. Matt Chalmers

Live podcast with Cody Cottle for Motivation Everything. We discussed Diet, exercise, and testing to make sure you can focus on the prevention of disease before it kills you.

We also covered his research into cannabis as a pain substitute for opioids. The opioid addiction crisis has solutions, and we cover those. I was quite surprised by the solutions, facts, and data. His insights and solutions for this crisis will be impactful across the nation. He filming his TED Talk this week and is covering the opioid crisis and his solutions around cannabis.

Please let me know if you are a news agency or want to interview Dr. Chalmers. You can get in contact with me or reach out to him directly.

Please reach out to Dr. Matt Chalmers at questions@chalmerswellness.com

Or his websites: Pillarsofwellness.comChalmersWellness.com, and his Dr. Chalmers Substack.

Thank you, Dr. Chalmers, for your dedication to speaking out on critical health and wellness issues. – Stu





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