Edward Sylvan on Authority Magazine has an exclusive interview with Dr. Matt Chalmers about he optimizes his mind & body for peak performance.

Edward Sylvan CEO of Sycamore Entertainment Group pictured above.

As a part of our series about “How Athletes Optimize Their Mind & Body For Peak Performance”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Matt Chalmers.

Dr. Matt Chalmers is a health and wellness expert, author, podcast host and speaker who specializes in the areas of long-term wellness, nutrition, women’s health, weight loss, athlete wellness and holistic healing. With a client list that includes professional athletes, business executives, politicians and celebrities, Dr. Chalmers takes a holistic-based approach with patients to identify and treat the source of their issues. Medical doctors regularly refer patients to Dr. Chalmers when traditional medications and treatments are not working with their patients. Dr. Chalmers is the author of the bestselling book “Pillars of Wellness,” which helps readers cut through the information overload about wellness, exercise and diet to figure out the actions they can take that will have the greatest impact. The book details how to fuel the body physically, mentally and spiritually.

Edward Sylvan:

There are so many great doctors and mentors that I have had over the last 40 years of my life. I would be remiss to not mention my father who taught me more about life and how to think than anyone. I would also have to mention a friend of mine, Ryan Stewman. Ryan is a business and life coach who was able to show me that I could grow and do things on a much larger scale. I went to Cabo with Ryan a couple of years ago with a group of business owners and that is where I learned if you want to be something larger than you are now you can you just have to build the machine. After that trip I started putting everything together to have the practice I have now. Ryan didn’t teach me about my industry, but he taught me how to use what I know on a different level. Ryan had a large impact on my ability to help people on a much larger scale.

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