The Power of Self-Talk

When I tell people that I don't allow my coworkers to use the term "cheat day," they often think it's logical, but they put it in the "cute" category. They need to realize how significant it is. The way we allow ourselves to talk to ourselves has a significant impact on our lives. It is essential to recognize that telling yourself that you are cheating on your goals and thus yourself is not cute.

What else are you telling yourself, undermining your goals and life? I have seen people who are good at something let themselves or others tell them they're not, and after a while, they believe it. If you are told something repeatedly and allow it to be said to you, you will eventually come to believe it.

What are you telling yourself if you keep telling yourself that you will have a cheat day or that you need one? That you follow an overly restrictive diet? Are your

objectives worth it? Is it possible that you do not believe you are worth the sacrifice? What are you communicating to your subconscious? The more important question is, what will your subconscious believe? This is just one negative thought, idea, or statement, depending on how you view it.

This is why I make such a big deal out of "cheat day." When this is pointed out, people notice it, so consider how you speak to yourself for the rest of your day. Are the words you use hurting you or uplifting you? If you can use words to break down your spirit, believe me when I say some words can build your spirit up. Things often happen slowly over time, making it difficult to notice the small cuts they make daily.

Stop considering the lexicon you used to be irrelevant to your life; it is not; it is vital. You will begin to believe that if you speak to and about yourself, you are worth it and that your goals are worthwhile and achievable. When you believe it, things start moving in the direction you want faster than you thought possible.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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