How to handle Christmas depression this year.

This time of year can be great. However, it can also be bad. The last year’s events have shown us what can happen and how fragile our community can be. As hard as a previous couple of years have been on us, the lack of community and fellowship around the holidays is all too common for so many people.

This year, try to reach out and just say hello or invite people you know who do not have family around to join you. I realize this is contrary to the idea of health and safety that our governments are implementing. Their idea is complete isolation and hiding from life in fear.

If that’s your thing, great, call people or facetime them. If you are not going to live in isolation, then try to get with people that have had isolation forced on them. If we get so scared of dying, we quit doing the things that make life worth living.

What is the point of staying alive in the first place? I know it is scary, and the virus plaguing us is genuine; however, weigh this against your psychological/spiritual health and make your call. If you knew you wouldn’t ever see your family or friends again, wouldn’t you want to have had one last time to get together?

There are so many ways people get taken from us other than viruses; in the end, all we have are our memories. I would encourage you to choose to live and choose to make memories. More people died in car wrecks in Texas this month than from covid, so if your life is on hold for a virus, you might want to think about the bigger picture.

One of the worst things you can hold is regret. Think through your choice to not gather or to gather, and make peace with it. However, factor in that the human spirit needs other people. If you choose not to gather, talk to your friends. If you know someone being forced to stay home, reach out and tell them that you are thinking of them, it might mean more than you can understand.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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