Dealing with people is hard. It's how you handle the situations that can affect your wellness.

Whether in business meetings, working with your peers, or even dealing with a spouse. The problem many of us get into is we don't understand why people do the things they do. We cannot evaluate a person's actions and understand what is going on.

Therefore studying psychology is so important. There is a concept in psychology called transference, and we should all know about it. This is where something is bothering a person, and it is, by definition, 100% not related to the issue they are exploding about. This is where someone is very unhappy with something in their life, sex life, relationship, job, finances, personal depression, whatever it is.

This person feels powerless to do anything about that issue, so they take that negative energy and aggression out on someone or something else. This is a widespread occurrence when dealing with people. They lash out in a confusing manner and at a level that does not merit the problem at hand.

For instance, something small happens at a problem level 2-3, and this person reacts at a 7-8. Screaming, yelling, personal attacks, sometimes violence, and all the time, people around are wondering what the hell is wrong. This is where we talk about unresolved emotional issues.

Transference often happens when we feel lost, confused, or like our lives are going nowhere. It often happens to people, and they do not even know that they have significant issues elsewhere so, if someone blows up at you and losses it over something small.

Be calm and understand that their issue is most likely not what they are saying it is. The personal attacks, the anger, the vitriol that they come with isn't deserved to be pointed at you; they aren't really made at you; they are mad at something inside them.

Knowing this allows you to react in a calm manner and diffuse the situation so that you can fix any issue that is there in a calm, relaxed way. On the flip side, if you lash out or feel like lashing out at someone, feel uneasy, or get worked up over something that isn't a big deal, you should sit down and figure out what is bothering you.

If you can figure that out, it will help your entire life. It is also a good sign that you must work with someone to help organize your thoughts and emotions. It's often easier for someone else to see things from an angle we cannot.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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