Creating a schedule, a list, or just structure in your life?

Creating structure in your daily life is critical. It's in this way that we focus on our overall goals. The easiest way to create structure and control is to create a schedule.  

This helps to organize our time and ensure that we do the things we need to do daily to get where we want to go. If you know that you go out every day at noon, then it is easier to make sure you work out.  

If you know, you need X hours of sleep and when you need to wake up, you can establish your bedtime and ensure you get the sleep you need. The more we structure our day, the more effectively we can live with intention. This also helps to establish a value for your time. If we look at our day and understand that we only have 24 hours and have to set up a hierarchy regarding how we spend time, we start to look at it and ourselves differently.  

Since we can tie individual activities to our goals and those activities have a cost, it is easy to evaluate your time. It will start with whether this thing brings me closer to my goal. Once you make that choice and fill your day with only things that bring you closer to your goals, the questions change.  

This brings me to my goals faster than the other thing for the same unit of time. As the value of your time increases, the more focused you can become on that time, being the most effective use of the time for that event.  

As we become more intentional with the events, we will work harder at them. This brings us to our goals even faster. You must start there if you still need to sit down and map out your goals.  

Once you know what to do to achieve your goals, you need to schedule them. Writing things down is helpful.  However, putting them on a calendar as to when you will work on them is putting ideas into action. 

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

Dr. Matt Chalmers 

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