Chaos, how you handle it can impact your health. As long as there is life, there are solutions. Do you have a community to support you?

Anxiety often comes from the inability to control or deal with the things around you. While we cannot always have complete control over the things around us or the things that happen around us, we can control ourselves. We can learn to do our part and then let things be. I had a conversation with a young woman the other day that had been in a minor accident.

The other person rear-ended her and broke her tail light, and did a small amount of damage to her bumper. The other driver admitted fault and exchanged insurance information. No one was hurt, and the car would be repaired without long-term issues. However, this young woman was very broken up by it. She kept talking about how she didn’t have time for this.

She didn’t know what to do about the repairs and felt it was too much. She let this little incident break her. She sat telling me about it and crying. While yes, all those things are irritating and troublesome, and no one wants to take the time to deal with them. However, this issue should not be enough to break a person.

Had she recognized that this is the situation she is in now and dealt with it, things would have been done in the time it took to stop crying. A call to insurance and a rental car for a week would have been the worst. However, she let the issue build up in her head to something she didn’t have the power to overcome. I often see this with stress and the unexpected obstacles that life throws us.

If we remember that as long as there is life, there are solutions, we can overcome things. You might not always have all the correct answers right now, but you can find the answers and solve the problems; you have to look.

Sometimes the answers are more hidden, and sometimes you have to have help, but the answers are out there. So when you go through an ordeal, remember you have the power to overcome your issues.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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