Can you guess what does lifting weights and golf have in common?

I do not know if I have put out my list of lifting rules, so here are some of them. Muscles move in precise patterns or ranges of motion.

Always ensure that you are following the range of motion strictly. Muscles move a joint, a single joint. If anything moves besides the one joint you're exercising, you're doing it wrong.

A muscle doesn't need a bunch of new-style exercises to grow most of the "new" exercises are to keep people from getting bored. Don't look for "new.” Do the best exercises and focus on the perfect form that will keep you from getting bored. The way you make a muscle grow is you exhaust it. Lifting heavy doesn't have anything to do with it.

Lifting lighter and going slower will get you where you want to go faster than lifting too heavy lifting heavy damages the ligament, tendons, and joints. This will lead to injury and derail a year or more of training.

Drop weight to maintain form. If it's your 2nd or 3rd set and you need to drop 5-10 lbs. to maintain form and go slow, do it, form over ego every day. It is okay to drop weights. Break the weight, not your body..

It's okay to make noise lifting on the last 2-3 reps. Anything other than that is annoying. If someone has headphones on or in, DO NOT talk to them, they are there to lift, not talk.

If you see me in the gym, you can wave but never talk to me, I run a time-based workout, and I cannot stop to talk even in between sets.

Cardio is strength training for your heart. Just get it done. We all hate it.

Always feed your muscles after you lift. I take my BCAAs, then eat. You do whatever works for you but feed your body.

You grow at night so make sure you are sleeping. Get a sleep study to make sure you have enough oxygen to grow. Since your body is growing at night, take your supplements before you sleep.

You need lactic acid for about 30-45 min after you lift, and that's all. Ensure your water and anti-inflammatory intake are high enough to get all the acid out.

More muscle needs more fuel, that's calories and nutrients. The bigger you are, the more supplements you'll have to take.

Warm up before you lift and stretch afterward. Never use static stretching outside of yoga.

Always use dynamic motion stretches. It wakes up the neurology and will elongate the muscle belly more.

Can you pick out the golf tips vs. the lifting? There are some key similarities.

Grunting is ok on drives, but not putting.

Both sports require your body being tuned for best performance. Each has their own specific needs. The commitment is the same.

Don’t talk while someone is swinging, or in a timed workout and headphones are si5 s.

Keep your head down and focus. That one key line will keep you on the right path.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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