Athletes and CEOs can’t go to normal doctors and maintain peek performance. Do you fit in this category?

Too many it may sound odd that a "normal doctor" isn't always the best person to take care of a high-end individual like a CEO or an athlete, but it is true.

I often use the example you wouldn't take your Ferrari to a mechanic specializing in Toyota Corollas, would you? While they are both cars, those machines are radically different and thus require significantly different care.

For instance, when I get blood panels back from my Athletes and CEOs that they had done by their regular doctor, they are rarely optimal for their needs.

While the regular doctor told them they were fine and didn't need anything, or worse, they were completely healthy, and they were not where they needed to be. A high-performance individual needs significantly more nutrients to function at a high level than an average person.

I am not trying to knock ordinary people; I am just saying you need more nutrients if you are going to run a marathon or if you are going to work 100-hour weeks. The standard levels that I see that are "good for normal people" that are too low for CEO and athletes are: D3, CoQ-10, B Vitamins, Testosterone, tyrosine, and often HGH.

These people also have significantly higher stress levels on their bodies and minds, requiring more psychological de-stressing and maintenance of biomechanical forces. I often see these individuals because their average doctor does a great job with the occasional strep or sinus infection, but their overall sense of ehh isn't addressed.

If you feel like you are "good” but not as good as you could be, you might need to get evaluated by someone else.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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