Look for the good in people

I love seeing things that prove people are good. I was told about a blood drive by my office manager, the fabulous Racheal, so I made an appointment. However, I didn’t think I would have to fill out a bunch of paperwork the day of, so I didn’t do it ahead of time. While I was filling out the 54 health questions, which took probably 7-10 min about 30 people came and said, “Hey, I didn’t know you were doing this today. Can I jump in?” 

They all were turned away because it was full, and there was already a line. Most then asked, well, when can I come back? All these people saw the need to help and donate blood. It was not because they thought they would get anything out of it but because they knew it would help other people and they wanted to be part of that. 

The next time the news or social media tells you we are divided, look at your community and see that maybe we all want to help each other more than is being talked about. 

We are all connected, and we can feel it and see it. When people are hurting, there are always other people there willing to help. You can see it in disasters. You can see it in things like blood donations. You can see it everywhere if you look for it. The issue is that we are conditioned to see the divisiveness in our culture most of the time, not the things that bring us together. Unfortunately, love, understanding and good times don’t get the same attention as the bad things.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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