Is a massage more than just a day at the spa? Well, you would be surprised.

When you think about relaxing and luxury, many people think about a massage. While a massage can be very relaxing and part of any good luxury vacation, we should also view it therapeutically.

For instance, after most deep tissue massages, you are instructed to “drink plenty of water,” but do you know why? The reason is that a deep tissue massage is one of the best ways to clear toxic metabolites that get stuck in the muscles.

The massage pushes these chemicals into the lymphatic system. The lymph can then transport the chemicals to the liver and kidneys for processing and disposal. This, however, requires a bit more flushing and water as a transport medium than you usually get.

This is also why some people report getting nauseous or “sick” after a good massage. If you feel a bit uneasy or a bit ill after a massage, you need to do a kidney and liver detox program and after or while doing the detox, get more massages.

If you feel blah or bad after a massage, your body stores these toxic substances in your tissues for too long and too great a quantity. Getting them worked out is critical. So yes, in the long and short, I am telling you to get more massages.

Here is my video on detox, and how important that is to our health. Video Here

Also, while you are out getting your massages, if you run into any good massage therapists, tell me, as I am always looking for good people to work with.

Sometimes the answers are more hidden, and sometimes you have to have help, but the answers are out there. So when you go through an ordeal, remember you have the power to overcome your issues.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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