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Dr. Matt Chalmers Of Chalmers Wellness located in Frisco TX loves Chiropractic and the enjoyment and satisfaction of being a Chiropractor.  Dr. Chalmers has lived in Frisco TX for a number of years now and has enjoyed watching Frisco and the surrounding communities of Plano, The Colony and Little Elm grow.  Whether you enjoy Chiropractic on a regular schedule or need a new Chiropractor and are in the Frisco, Plano, The Colony or Little Elm area please dont hesitate to call 214-446-5300 .  Dr. Chalmers Would love to be of service to you and your family.

Chalmers Wellness is a completely holistic family Chiropractic and natural nutrition facility located in Frisco TX. If you are looking for a new Chiropractor in Frisco TX please call for your free consultation.  Chalmers Wellness is your one stop clinic for Chiropractic, Spinal decompression (for disc pain), as well as nutritional supplementation for your dietary needs. Dr. Chalmers is very proud to be one of the very few chiropractors to be certified to work on the pain caused by slipped and herniated disc using spinal disc decompression. Dr. Chalmers is also a Certified Chiropractic Clinical Neurologist which is very important for any chiropractor to have, when working on the spine, muscles, and nerves, of you and your loved ones.

Dr. Chalmers is also a QRA Nutritional Specialist offering specialized testing for organ need as well as function to help return you to optimum health. Chalmers Wellness also offers the only grade 10 nutritional supplements in the North Texas area. If you are looking for a Chiropractor or for help with herbal remedies in the Frisco, TX area come to Chalmers Wellness your free consultation, we are located at 6988 Lebanon Rd Frisco, TX 75034.   We have updated the site with a list of the supplements that Dr. Chalmers is having his wife take.  Look in the pregnancy section for that list. 

Dr. Chalmers loves being a Chiropractor and is very excited about what Chiropractic can do for pain as well as ensuring the highest quality of life. If you have any disc, neck, back, or joint pain please dont hesitate to call for a free consult 214-446-5300 .

Chalmers Wellness offers relief to a great deal of symptoms and disease. Here is a short list of problems that we have had great success with.


· Allergies

· Back Pain

· C hiropractic

· Digestive Problems

· Fatigue

· Fibromyalgia

·   Head Aches: Migraine and Sinus

· Menstrual Pain

· Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

· Neck Pain


· Slipped / Herniated Discs

· Stress

Chalmers Wellness is located at 6988 Lebanon Road #101 Frisco TX 75034. Please feel free to stop by for any of your health and wellness needs. We are right behind the new Chicago pizza building.

"Dr. Chalmers is part of the Ceatus health and legal education network, which features infromation about personal injury , state laws and defective roof during roll over ."

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