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Who is Chalmers Wellness?

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Who Is Chalmers Wellness?

Chalmers Wellness is a full-service rehabilitation and recovery facility. We offer a very wide variety of care from stem cell injections, chiropractic, physical therapy, to eastern medicine nutritional testing. Over the last decade, we have spent time developing relationships with some of the top surgical facilities and surgeons in the DFW metroplex. Chalmers Wellness has been fortunate to be the center for care for so many professional athletes as well as so many medical professionals and their families.

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Known for Rehabilitation & Recovery

While Chalmers Wellness is well known for rehabilitation we pride ourselves in recovery. The recovery is where we help keep athletes from getting injured and ensure that our athletes get bigger, stronger, and faster. Whether it is training, nutrition, or state of the art therapies development of an athlete is just as important, if not more important, as taking care of them once they are injured.

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