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Wellness Is Not An Option 

In our society there are too many diametrically apposing forces ripping us apart. Wellness is the single most important discussion point left out of our conversations. Dr. Chalmers has lived through the trials and tribulations of sports highs and lows. While he had significant setbacks, it was those setbacks that set him on his mission to share his knowledge of wellness and the impact to happiness.

Wellness Insights From Dr. Chalmers

Dr. Chalmers is running down the road on his mission to help people live healthier and ultimately happier lives.

Through his training videos, interviews, book and social media interactions he is reaching new people everyday.

Connect With Fellow Travelers 

The Wellness Journey is being traveled by all different people. Injured, elderly, sports or mentally warn down are all players in the game of life. Connect with those you can learn, and also help.

Chalmers Wellness Facebook Group has real insights for real issues.

Chalmers Wellness is on all platforms and pushing out relivant wellness content constantly. Connect with us at anytime.

Dr Matt Chalmers and LuLu

Social Relationships Matter

Humans are social by design. Your social connections are important to the quality of your walk down the path to Wellness.

When you check in at Chalmers Wellness, you step into a comfort zone.

Check out Dr. Chalmers on the road to Wellness

Dr. Chalmers gets a lot of questions from his athletes. But the most asked question is; “How to up my game without getting injured? 

Check out the channels on all social media including Rumble for Wellness for Athletes, and Wellness Insights and Dr. Chalmers lecture tours.

Don’t forget to connect with Dr. Chalmers on his private group on Facebook. The Dr. is in the house – in the gym – on the road – lectures – best selling book – and available to answer your questions!

Wellness for Athletes

Interesting tips from the Dr. around sports exercises and tips and tricks from the pros.

Dr Chalmers and the League of Goddesses

Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights

Dr. Chalmers is on the lecture tour spreading the word on some of the most important points on wellness for women, men, families and athletes of all ages. 

Dr. Chalmers Personal Facebook Group

Don’t miss out on a personal connection with Dr. Chalmers on his private Facebook group.
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Inights from Dr. Chalmers

As a positive force in the wellness market, Dr. Chalmers is on a mission. That mission is to help others to get the most out of life through knowledge and accountability. Connect with Dr. Chalmers and run down the wellness path with a team. Start with the Chalmers Facebook Group, and check out the wellness tips and tricks. Dr. Chalmers new book “Pillars of Wellness” is available on Amazon and through special promotions. `

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