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What is Quantum Reflex Analysis?

QRA, or Quantum Reflex Analysis is a simple yet effective method of testing your body’s bio-energetic field. By using this technique, your doctor is able to locate certain key organs and glands that are blocked by interference fields (IF), causing you discomfort and disease. By immediately identifying areas and organs of your body that are negatively affected, your body can work together with the proper supplements to right itself. The First step is knowing the problem.

How Does It Work?

QRA is a noninvasive experimental technique originally made famous by ancient Eastern medicine. To begin testing, you position your thumb and another finger of one hand together to form a circle. This is called the O-ring, which we will use as the basis of your body’s bi-digital energy field. Your other hand will gesture, point, or hold different internal organs one by one. Your practitioner then places their fingers into your O-ring and attempts to interrupt it. Whether or not your practitioner can interrupt your bi-digital O-ring determines the strength and overall well-being of that organ you are currently gesturing to.

woman doing yoga, stretching back

Treatment Options

Once we identify the correct organs that are out of harmony with your quantum biofield anatomy, you are ready to move forward with natural treatment. Our helpful and friendly doctors will then recommend the correct natural supplements that you can take to realign your body’s energy. By utilizing QRA, you are able to understand what nutrients can positively affect your body, simply by your body telling you what it needs. Feel better today by setting up an appointment at Chalmers Wellness Group so you can isolate issues and start naturally healing your body.

Your Body and Proper Nutrition

While your body always knows what it needs, sometimes it needs help getting those nutrients. QRA is just the first step to adjusting your body naturally to a state of overall well-being. When your body encounters an interference field, it can hamper your body’s ability to heal. An IF can anything from a scar, consistent bad habits, an accident, or a severe moment of emotional stress. By working closely with you, we are able to identify and thwart interference fields in your body, so you can resume healing. If you feel you’ve tried everything with little to no results, ask us about Quantum Reflex Analysis today.

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