Blood Work - CoQ-10
Blood Work - CoQ-10
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Coenzyme Q-10 or CoQ-10 is extremely important for cellular metabolism.  CoQ-10 is a major component of the electron transport chain and is key component in aerobic cellular respiration.  These functions help to produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).  Over 90% of all the energy in the human body is generated in this way.  Due to this the organs that require the most energy have the highest concentrations of CoQ-10 namely the heart, brain, liver, kidney and gut. This test is especially necessary for all athletes. 

 Do I Need This Test? 

Do You Have a Personal or Family History of? 

  • Heart attack  
  • Cancer 
  • Stroke 
  • Muscular Weakness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Stress 
  • Arterial Plaquing 
  • Brain Fog 


What Other Tests Should I Look at for These Issues? 

B12, Anemia Panel, Testosterone, CBC, CMP 

CoQ-10 has three different versions or redox states:  

  • Ubiquinone- This is the fully oxidized form.  
  • Semiquinone/ Ubisemiquinone- This form is normally trapped in the cellular membrane and is not free floating.  It is also viewed as a free radical due to the loss of an outer layer electron.  
  • Ubiquinol- This is the fully reduced form.  
    The critical role of Quinol is that it has a great ease at which it can drop and add electrons.  In this manner it can act as an antioxidant and an electron donner for the electron transport chain.  It does this by use of iron sulfur clusters that can only change one electron at a time.  
    While CoQ-10 is supposed to be very abundant in the body people often times show deficiencies in it. This comes from 2 major reasons.  One of which is a reduction in human biosynthesis which is quite complicated requiring a dozen different genes to complete properly.  Any deletion or mutation in one of the genes can greatly reduce the amount of CoQ-10 produced.  The other way we see low levels of CoQ-10 are due to increased use.  If a person is under stress, physical or psychological, they will use significantly more CoQ-10 than normal.  If these levels are not increased to meet the demand the body is left with a deficiency.  One of the most prominent and noticeable reasons that people have a deficiency in CoQ-10 levels is due to the use of medications like statin drugs.  These drugs severely impact the biosynthesis and thus leave the body with significantly low levels of CoQ-10.