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This is a list of supplements that my wife was taking for pregnancy prep. This is a decent amount of overkill however I would rather have her at very safe levels of too much supplements and vitamins and minerals than just right at enough. If her body ever wants more I want it to have it and then some. This list might be all you need or your specific needs may be different. If you have questions please contact the office for a consultation 214-446-5300. Thank You

Folic Acid – This is a B vitamin. This is important for many reasons, however the most important use for this nutrient is for its effects on the brain and spinal cord. In gestation is causes the neural tube to close which becomes the brain and the spinal cord. This normally happens before people know that they are even pregnant. Thus without having adequate levels of folic acid before pregnancy it can cause miscarriages as well as birth defects. Folic acid has also been shown to ward of damage to dendrites in the brain.

Fully Methylated Multi B – Using a multi-B form ensures that the majority of the vitamin consumed will actually get into the blood stream for use in building baby, keeping mothers liver functioning at high levels, keep energy higher, help the adrenal create normal hormone levels, and can help to reduce morning sickness.

CoQ 10/ Co Q Quinol – Co enzyme Q- 10 is critical for the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is the molecule that allows muscle to function. For every contraction and release of a muscle fiber it requires ATP. Thus any muscle group is going to require Co Q and remember that the heart is a big muscle. Co Q is also one of the most powerful antioxidants that we commonly use. Removing free radicals is critical to the health of a person one being formed or one that is an adult.

Gallbladder ND – Gallbladder ND will help to keep the common bile duct open and allow bile salts to flow out normally. This will allow the emulsification and increase uptake of healthy fats. This will also help to cut back on what is theorized as one of the causes of morning sickness which is increased bile production into the stomach during night which can cause nausea. Keeping the common bile duct open and flowing will help with sleep and energy.

Renaven – The kidney is a detoxification organ. This organ is critical for keeping the level of water soluble toxins in your blood to a minimum. In Chinese medicine the kidney is the source of internal power in a man or woman and a weak kidney can cause some emotional distress, anxiety, or even depression.

Adaptogen – Adaptogen helps the entire body from the brain, to the pancreas, heart, thyroid and adrenals. The adrenals are where we are focusing in on. The adrenals are responsible for creation of

stress controlling hormones such as cortisol, hormones to control blood sugar through the day, testosterone, and helps control fluid levels in the bowel to ensure

Premier HCl – HCl is critical for the cleaning and digestion of food. It also decreases and eliminates heart burn as well as helps improve mitochondrial function

HCl Activator – HCl Activator helps the HCl destroy biofilms that are created by parasites as well as destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. HCl Activator can also help to clean the liver thus allowing for total body detoxification.

Biliven – Biliven will help to ensure that the common bile duct stays open and dilated. This will allow more fluid to flow out of the liver and gallbladder. This will also help to reduce the chances that a gallstone or liver stone will become lodged in the common bile duct and decrease liver detoxification or interfere with sleep or create any nausea.

Xeno / Iodine – Xeno-Stat is marine source iodine. It will help feed the thyroid so that it can function and help keep thyroid hormone levels where they need to be. Thyroid complex is again food for the thyroid. Keeping thyroid hormone levels up during pregnancy is important for development and for energy.

Multipollen – Multipollen is most often used to keep sex organs healthy, fed and functioning normally. This will help to maintain normal hormone levels for mom and help allow the chemicals that are necessary for baby’s development to be available.

Ocuven – The normal American diet does not provide ample levels of zeaxanthin nor does it provide enough lutein. Both of these nutrients are critical to the development and maintenance of the eye. The Ocuven contains high levels of both of these nutrients as well as the cofactors that help deliver the nutrients to the appropriate organs.

Noni – Noni Fruit and thus the Noni supplement is very helpful in regeneration and maintenance of the gut. Without the gut functioning at a high capacity the intake of all vitamins and nutrients will be decreased.

Circuzyme – Circuzyme is very helpful to the arteries and veins. It helps keep cholesterol from plaguing in the blood vessels. It will also increase the strength of the blood vessel wall decreasing the chance of stroke.

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 is critical for immune system function. I happen to disagree with Allopathic Medicine on the blood levels for this. I believe that instead of having a blood level of 32 being ok I would like to see that level between 60 and 100. Vitamin D3 is used to increase function in the lung,

gut, brain, lymphatic system, all mucus membranes. Virtually every cell in your body needs and very often does not have enough of. Keeping the levels of D3 in your system high will help to keep you from getting sick and will help you get healthy faster. Also it is critical to the formation of bones and it aides in bringing calcium in from the gut.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is another extremely helpful nutrient for immune function. Vitamin C will also aides in all mucus membranes over all regeneration and health. Without Vitamin C iron is not utilized or absorbed nearly as well into the body. Without iron a person will become anemic and this will decrease oxygen in the blood decrease good pH and destroy energy stores.

DHA- DHA is critical to the normal development of the brain. This will help not only in development but in maintenance so it will be good for mother and for baby.

Shake –

1. Greens- increases good pH, gives essential vitamins and minerals, decreases chances of grass allergies later in life.

2. Nutrition flakes- My first choice of prebiotic, there is no reason to continue to take expensive probiotics if you feed the good bacteria you already have. This will allow the good bacteria to make B vitamins as well as digest food properly. This will keep the gut healthy and functioning throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

3. Gelatin- Gelatin helps to increase bio-available protein as well as build and repair gut lining.

4. Tocotriene – This will give a full amount of Vitamin E for skin and overall health needs.

5. Coral legend – Coral Legend is coral calcium from Okinawa Japan. It is balanced with magnesium. With the coupling of these 2 nutrients it is possible to build bones, aide in muscle development, build the gut, build the brain, and maintain the proper body pH.

6. EFA – Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3,6,9 as well as GLA Gamma Linoleic Acid. All derived from organic vegetable sources such as flax, borage, sesame, and olive oils.

7. Aloe – one of the eight essential sugars. Fantastic for transportation of nutrients through the gut wall. As well as being very soothing to the stomach for things such as nausea and heartburn.

8. Galactin- Galactin is a great source of fiber that helps with bowel motility and reduces Glycemic effect. Thus helping to regulate blood sugar and decrease bloating.

9. Coconut oil- Coconut oil is a good source of good fats that can help with metabolism of fat, increase energy, and development of healthy cholesterol and heart health.

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