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Nutrition Advice 

Nutrition is the giant, blanket term for all chemicals that go into your body. Some of these chemicals are beneficial TO YOU and some are not. For instance we all know that candy is not that beneficial to us and many people feel that avocados are great for us. The issue with that statement is that candy can be used as medicine, like in diabetic hypoglycemic issues, and if you are sensitive to avocados they can be bad for you. Something to always keep in mind as well is that you are an individual with a specific chemical makeup. This chemical makeup dictates how your body runs and that very well could be different from your family and friends. The diet, and supplementation, you need is most likely radically different than what others around you need.

There is no diet that is good for everyone, not everyone should be vegan, or keto, or carnivore, or on a 30/30/30 split. There are many factors at play in this things like: what is your Somatotype (Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph), Dosha (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha), Blood type (A, AB, B, O), goals, BMR/RMR, and several other factors. Proper nutrition is individual to the person. While proper nutrition can be a difficult road to go alone remember that all nutrition is chemistry and that health is nothing more than good chemistry into the body vs bad chemistry out of the body. This can more easily be broken down with a consultation either in office or over the phone. However, the idea that a one size fits all approach can handle the extreme diversity in nutritional or chemical needs to be abandoned.

Nutrition Supplements

While nutrition is often what we eat it is entirely about what chemicals come in and go out of the body. For this reason, it is often a requirement that supplementation is used. However, many people do not know what they need. Many people have genetic issues, or just a higher need because of stress. There are several ways to determine this from blood work to eastern medicine muscle testing, or both. Dr. Chalmers has spent the last 15 years working on nutrition and now consults for other doctors and people all around the world for these issues.

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Alcat Nutritional Blood Testing 

Chalmers Wellness offers state of the art blood testing to determine food sensitivities. This blood test will allow us to better determine what foods are good for your body and your individual chemical needs. Avocados, garlic, coconut oil, and almonds are normally good foods but if you have a sensitivity to them they can be very detrimental to both health and functional performance goals. Alcat testing can help determine if the foods you are eating are pushing you towards or away from your health and fitness goals. This testing is not just for athletes but anyone worried about their overall health and wellness.

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