About Chalmers Wellness

About Chalmers Wellness

Chalmers Wellness has been providing Chiropractic care in Frisco since 2007

Since then we have grown into a full service wellness office. We are now offering a wide variety of wellness options that you can see on our treatments tab. Whether you need chiropractic care, spinal decompression, nutrition, eastern medicine, or specialized concierge wellness we can help. We are proud to have partnered with several other specialists in the area from surgeons, to pediatric offices, to emergency rooms to make sure all your needs can be met. It has been our goal to ensure that whatever someone needs we can help them even when it means sending them out of the office. Please call for you free consultation today.


Dr. Matt Chalmers

Chiropractor in Frisco, Plano, & Surrounding Areas

  • 11+ years experience in providing Chiropractic Care.
  • Certified Chiropractic Clinical Neurologist.
  • Certified in Spinal Decompression.
  • Certified to work on pain caused by slipped and herniated disc.
  • QRA Nutritional Specialist.
  • Pediatric Pregnancy Specialist.
  • Voted Best in Collin County – Multiple awarded treatments.

Our Treatments

Chalmers Wellness offers a variety of alternative natural health care options and services.

Your Local Holistic Solution

Chalmers Wellness is a completely holistic family Chiropractic and natural nutrition facility located in Frisco TX. If you are looking for a new Chiropractor in Frisco TX please call for your free consultation. Chalmers Wellness is your one-stop clinic for Chiropractic, Spinal decompression (for disc pain), as well as nutritional supplementation for your dietary needs. Dr. Chalmers is very proud to be one of the very few chiropractors to be certified to work on the pain caused by slipped and herniated disc using spinal disc decompression. Dr. Chalmers is also a certified Chiropractic Clinical Neurologist which is very important for any chiropractor to have, when working on the spine, muscles, and nerves, of you and your loved ones. Dr. Chalmers is also a QRA Nutritional Specialist offering specialized testing for organ need as well as function to help return you to optimum health. Chalmers Wellness also offers the only grade 10 nutritional supplements in the North Texas area.

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