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Chalmers Wellness is proud to announce the only money back guarantee for spinal decompression in the metroplex. Chalmers Wellness has worked with over 1000 patients with spinal decompression over the last 12 years. Their 90% success rate makes them confident that they can help you avoid surgery. In many cases it is possible to completely reverse symptoms and eliminate pain. For this reason Chalmers Wellness is offering a 90 day money back guarantee for spinal decompression that you will not need spinal surgery. In order for the money back guarantee to be applicable the full insurance flow for surgery must be followed. This requires, a current MRI, a surgical consult, up to 2 pain injections, and 6 weeks of conservative care. The conservative care is what you will receive from Chalmers Wellness. There is a $2500 cost for everything done at Chalmers Wellness which includes exams, 30 office visits, 30 chiropractic adjustments, 30 sessions of spinal decompression, 30 sessions of electrical stimulation, as well as stretches and exercises. The money back guarantee applies to the $2500 paid out. The guarantee does not apply to insurance payments to any provider, payments to pain management doctors either cash or insurance, no payments to spine surgeons for consults, and no payments to or for any pharmaceutical or supplementation. If you have any questions you can always schedule a free consult just call the office at 214-446-5300.