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Whatever sport your child plays, you know that between getting ready and traveling that stress will be involved. To keep this stress at a minimum we believe that keeping your child safe is essential for any sports season. There is nothing more stressful than watching your young athlete get a sports injury in Frisco, TX and having to watch them recover while their teammates get to play on the field. Whatever sport your child plays it is important to keep them safe and pain-free so they can keep on playing the sport they love.

Below are 5 of our favorite ways to keep your kids healthy and injury-free during their sports season:


This may seem like common sense but many children, especially young athletes, don’t get the necessary rest they need to perform and their best. Make sure that your child is getting plenty of sleep during the night and that they are going to bed at a decent hour. This allows your child’s body to rest and repair itself so it can take on the demands of the next day. A good cool down from exercising is also important for preventing unnecessary injuries. Allow your child to rest and make sure that their schedule isn’t overbooked.

Cross Train

When a child only plays one sport they are more prone to overuse injuries. A child’s body isn’t fully developed and can’t take the continued stress of repetitive movements. Cross training (allowing your child to play more than one sport) is beneficial and can help decrease the risk of injury. Letting them play a different sport during the off-season lets your child’s body use different muscles and build strength in other parts of their body.

Healthy Eating for Sports Injury in Frisco, TX

Many children do not get enough of the right nutrition. The better your child eats, the better they are able to perform and the less chance they have for sports injury in Frisco, TX. Staying away from sugary drinks during their sports season lets them run faster. We suggest filling your child’s diet with different fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and lots of whole grains.

Proper Equipment

Your child may play a sport that requires a lot of equipment. We understand that it can quickly become expensive for your child with team fees, travel, and other costs. The good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of money on equipment to keep your child safe. Just make sure that the equipment fits your child correctly and is not outdated. Keeping their gear fixed and not broken can also prevent unwanted injuries.


Keeping your child hydrated is important whether they are playing a sport or not, but it is especially important for a young athlete to prevent sports injury in Frisco, TX. Carry around an extra water bottle for your child after a game or keep some water bottles in the back of your car. Packing a mini water bottle in their lunch so they can stay hydrated all day is also a good idea. However, you keep your child hydrated, make sure that they are getting enough H2O.

If your child does have an injury from playing a sport or has been complaining of pain, make an appointment with us today! Call us at 214-446-5300.

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