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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – Women are better than men – and he is not afraid to tell you

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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – Women are better than men – and he is not afraid to tell you

Dr Chalmers and the League of Goddesses

Dr. Chalmers is on the road spreading the word of wellness to everyone utilizing almost every media available about the message of health and wellness. Through social media, lecture tours, his best-selling book, podcasts, TV shows, and even a private Facebook group. 

This lecture is presented to a group of executive women at their conference. He is brutally honest, knowledgeable, and even funny. 

Enjoy this segment of this series. 


Do I take care of myself immaculately and listen to my body’s needs, even when it’s inconvenient? Do I always listen to that little voice inside me that tries to guide me? 

Do I know exactly what to eat to keep my body fueled up and happy? Does everybody know what kind of gas to put in their car? 

OK, do I feel turned in, turned on, and passionate about my life 90 percent of the time? I know there are bad days, but are most of them awesome? 

Do I get plenty of sleep each night and wake up feeling refreshed and perfectly rested. I know girl. I’m like only right. Is it easy for me to treat my body like the temple that it is easy right? 

This morning’s first speaker is here to shine a light on how to follow your divine feminine intuition that each of us was born with and has to help us fulfill our dreams, beautiful lives of grace, love, and joy. 

And to do that, we need to know how to take care of ourselves. He’s my doctor, a certified clinical chiropractic neurologist, and the best-selling author of The Pillars of Wellness. 

He has been operating in his Gift InGenius for over ten years and has helped thousands of people who would like to know his amazing formula for honoring your body, mind, soul, and spirit and bring yourself as your best to every day. 

Without further ado, ladies, please help me give a warm welcome to Dr. Matt Chalmers. 

Dr. Chalmers – 

So there are two things I wanted to echo real quick. Zahara’s question of why is the basis for everything that I do? And so when I coach when I talk to people, that’s one of the big questions I always ask is why? 

The other thing I always tell them is that you’re paying me to piss you off because if I don’t say things that hurt and anger you, I’m not pushing you outside your comfort zone. 

So if I do say something, this one’s a little bit more tame than what I do when I talk personally. But if there’s something in here that that irritates you or makes you uncomfortable, write it down, because we need to figure out why. Because a lot of times if something bothers you, it’s because it goes against something present in your emotion. 

And we need to figure out where that upset is and so we can kind of go through and kind of figure out where that is.  

The place where we started with the concierge, we ended up where I had a guy come to the office 60, 62 somewhere in there, just sold his business for a little over 20 million dollars. And he had what in my opinion at the time was all the money in the world. 

He was still young. And I was like, oh, my gosh, this is amazing. What are you going to do? So I would go to Italy. There’s this World War Two thing where you start Normandy, you start going to go up and he goes, stop. 

He said my knees hurt so bad. When I get to the top of the stairs, I have to sit down and rest. He said when I walk the dogs around the block, I get tired. I have to rest. 

I’m not going to Italy, he said. There are some restaurants I want to try and there are some shows I want to watch. And so that’s what I’m going to do. 

I went, Oh, all right, cool. And I left the room and I kind of freaked out a little bit because I was like, this guy is super young, has all the money in the world. And he’s sold his health for what he has now. 

And now he has nothing left. And so I freaked out because I was on that path and I was like, OK, how do I not be that guy? How do I not get cancer? I did not have heart attacks. And so I started looking into that more or less for me to kind of move forward. 

All right. So one of the biggest things that we always want to talk about, and I’m going to echo again what Elisha said, everyone’s an individual. 

It’s funny because I was doing a podcast or interview or something, and someone asked me who the smartest person I knew was. 

And I thought my first thought was kind of an interesting question because I’m good at what I do. And my business partner, Jason, is probably one of the best business people I’ve ever met. And I love Jason, but I can’t code. I’m terrible at that. 

Of course, we all have things we’re great at and we all have things we’re not great at. So if we can lean into the things that we’re really, really good at and then hire someone, like you said, to do the things that we’re not the best, that that works out, really, really well. So this is one of the things that’s good for all of my patients, all of my entrepreneurs, all my high-level people. 

We push ourselves, really, really hard. So this goes back to the Ferrari comment. It’s if you guys are pushing yourself as hard as you are, then you’re going to burn out faster. You guys have all chosen to do more. So you guys have all chosen to take on the extra stress of having employees, of dealing with people, of dealing with everything. 

Everything is now your responsibility. I mean, you get all the reward, which you guys burden, all of the stress. The other problem is that you’re all women. And the reason I say that is because I have a full mom lecture that I give and I’ll give you a little piece of it. Women generally start better than men. 

You guys are nicer, more caring, more loving. And then if you guys end up becoming mothers, that becomes massively, massively grown. And so now you take care of stray animals, stray people, your kids, friends, kids, kids, friends, you know, random people. 

And if there’s any time at the end of the day left, you might think about taking care of yourself, which is great. You guys are great servants and that’s fantastic. But the problem we run into is that you’re the glue that holds everything together. 

You are the linchpin of the family, of the workplace, of everything you guys will take on more than you guys ever should. The problem with that is that when you go down, everything falls apart around you. So the most important person that you all can take care of is you first, then everybody else put your mask on and take care of everybody else, because if you push yourself too hard youre going to fall apart. 

Anything else left for you guys to do so when we talk about fuel, we need to talk a little bit about biochemistry and the biggest thing we always talk about is people come up to me and they go, I’ve tried to do this kind of thing or I’ve tried to do this vegan thing. 

And my best friend Suzy is having a great job with it and I can’t make it work. Your fuel and their fuel might be radically different. So you’re an individual and so remember that. And so we might just need to figure out what works best for you. And so you can’t model yourself of somebody else. So when we talk about exactly what it is I do for wellness care, we’ve now stepped out. 

A lot of people who are at this level get a step above normal. Normally in Western medicine, the way that we work is that you come in and you have a problem and you say, I feel terrible and I 

feel like this, then that allows us to make a diagnosis. That diagnosis allows us to then look for specific tests, then come back and say, this is why you feel bad. 

This is why so many people are horrible, sick, dying, and miserable because we didn’t figure out why are you going to feel bad in five years? Let’s prevent that from happening today and then you won’t feel bad in five years. 

So that’s what really at the heart of it, that’s what the care is, is that we look at you as a person, what you’re doing, where you’re going, your psychology, your spirit, everything, and say, OK, here’s the path to keep you healthy in the next 20, 30 years. And so that’s really what we’re looking at. So when you see these things, we talk about some of the stuff that you’ve never heard before. 

That’s why this is a completely different level of taking care of yourself. So I want to talk about cancer versus heart attack, who here has heard about the rate of death from breast cancer in the room is.  It’s not a great thing. Yeah, we hear about it all day, every day. 

We talk about it apparently because in Western medicine, run mostly by men and we like boobs. We don’t want you guys to die. It’s a big deal. These are women’s numbers. These aren’t men’s. Forty-one thousand die from breast cancer per year however three hundred thousand die from heart attacks. 

If we don’t start taking care of our hearts, we’re going to have a major, major problem. If we spent half the money on heart issues that we spend on breast cancer, that number would be in the 40s. I can guarantee you because there are tests that we don’t run that would make it easy to prevent all of this death. 

I don’t know why we haven’t been telling people this. I’ve been telling people this for a long time. I have medical doctor friends of mine who have never heard some of the things I tell them. It’s not your fault that you don’t know this. It’s our fault for not telling you. So I’m telling you, if you haven’t had these test runs, you don’t have to do it with me. Go back to your family doctor and have them run the tests.  Even if you have to pay extra for it.  The tests are worth it. 

The Dr. is on the road, in lectures, in the gym, and on all social media channels. Connect with Dr. Chalmers on his personal Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/3fDAq0A 

*This article is automatically transcribed from a lecture in front of women executives.



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