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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – What Is Important During Your Pregnancy?

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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – What Is Important During Your Pregnancy?

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One of the questions that I’ve been asked over and over and over again is why are so insistent that people see a pediatric pregnancy specialist when they’re pregnant and then how the baby is ingested on a regular basis? Especially if you can in pregnancy, chiropractic, have hundreds of hours of education.

This is a very big, very important piece of what we do. They are specialized equipment. They are specialized in just the techniques that are critical to proper function and obviously pain relief for the mom.

When you get pregnant, you release a hormone called relax, and it does exactly what it sounds like. It makes all the difference. Just relax and go. Lucy Goosey, this is important because when you are trying to have a baby, the policy must literally separate for the baby to pass through it. It has to the tendon tendons and ligaments and loosen up. Well, the problem with this is that those hormones do not just hit everywhere, the neck, the loach, the knees, everything.

So. you must have somebody who knows how to properly reset all of those things while you’re pregnant. That is a very big piece now outside of mom. A lot of you a lot of us have woken up after the, you know, slept in a hotel bed or even in your own bed, you woke up.

Oh, I slept for six hours. And I have this terrible kink in my neck because I was sleeping, slept like this for six hours. Imagine that baby that’s been all crumpled up in the room for, you know, nine months. Imagine how cute up they are. And if all of the nerves that come from the brain go down the spinal cord and come out that run all the organs, if those get pressure on them, they’re going to have major issues.

We look at colic toward a cause. We are talking about digestive function, gas latching issues. You talk about all those things. And there is my son. When he was born, I had this massive brain hemorrhage because it was my firstborn and the skull, his big head, and the plates got pushed together. Well, it was important to me that once he lost his hair, he lost my head.

The pediatric chiropractor, I use my office, I had her reshape his head. So that’s completely around. She could have gotten the helmet around, but that substantially reduces the actual function of the cranial bones that when they breathe, they’re supposed to move, and they couldn’t move the helmet.

So I wanted this done more. Physiologically friendly way, and so Kelly was able to reshape them. Now his head is perfectly round things. Great. So that flat had a lot of babies get extra cavities can fix that.

There’s a lot of other little things that they can help with and they can knock out. Colic was always my favorite because you bring in this brand-new baby that’s crying. It’s been crying for two or three days. You don’t know what to do. And your pediatrician told you, well, sorry, it’s terrible.

There’s just, you know, nothing really you can do about it because there’s no really drugs you can get for what colic is a little spasm of the two as the two is the intestine. And it just causes lots of gas and bloating and pain like that. You can reset the spine of the nerve that goes to that muscle called the muscle down. And then you can massage out that area that I used to love to do this. I don’t do it anymore.

So my pediatrician, my pediatric Karradah, but because they give this brain baby to this big, huge guy and the parents are, you know, totally disheveled, exhausted, they haven’t slept in three or four days, terrified because it’s the most precious thing in their whole world.

They’re talking about, well, know, we keep being told that there’s nothing you can do and we’re just so exhausted. We are so worried about the baby because it’s obviously in pain. And while they go through this big litany of everything, I have just the baby and it takes him a minute to throw it out that hand the baby back to him and they go, OK, and we start walking to the front, they fall asleep. And which is very normal for a lot of these patients because these kids and they usually sleep, you know, 60 percent of the day and they’ve been awake for two straight days. They are going to pass out since they’re not in pain and have so much fun to watch. These parents just oh, you know, as you take this baby out of that.

There is a lot of things like that that are extremely important to do. Ear infections are a big one that we see chiropractic we’re just knocking out really see that they don’t need the antibiotics most of the time. You can knock that on now. Kelly Superspeedway, we have had kids who are eight, nine, ten years old whose doctors bring on these really powerful drugs and the issues that their sitcom’s taught from birth.

The pressures on the nerve interfering with communications in the bladder and the brain, the bladders don’t tell the brain, hey, we’re full in at night. It releases on its own. You reset the sacrum and that communication pathway opens back up and they are fine.

There’s a lot of reasons why you need to get your kiddo in to get them adjusted. When my wife got pregnant, I found a pediatric chiropractor and brought it into my practice to work on my back. I didn’t I knew that while I was really, really one of the best sports, I was one of the best at Patrician.

That I wasn’t the master of pediatrics, and so I brought someone in to take care of my family so that that’s kind of my personality, you know, endorsement of, you know, not all chiropractors can do pediatric care workers can do to find someone who specializes in pediatrics for your pregnant wife or your for yourself and for your children, especially those brand new babies.

My future carrier came to the hospital and adjusted my kids when they were an hour and a half old. So, if you’re wondering when too early, there isn’t a time so soon as the baby comes out, you know, just so highly, highly recommend that you find somebody specific in that and get kids to take care of.

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