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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – Our food supply does not contain what you need

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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – Our food supply does not contain what you need

Somatotyping OK, this is a big thing, so everybody’s seen the difference between like a Kate Moss and Sofia Vergara. They’re both beautiful, but they’re both different. One is curvy and larger and one you can see all of her bones.  

There’s nothing wrong with the two. They were designed differently at birth. One is what’s called an ectomorph and one is what’s called an endomorph. If there’s one in the middle called a mesomorph and we all hate them. So I’m not going to talk about them much.

They’re the people who wake up in the morning, go, oh, I’m five pounds heavier than I should be. And then like two days later, they’ve done nothing, but they’ve lost their five pounds. We all know them. We all know that guy.  I’m just kidding we love everyone Im just jealous.

If we want to put weight on an ectomorph we need high sugar, we’ve got to feed these people sugar like crazy. So when my people come in and they want to gain weight gain muscle or whatever for whatever sport they’re doing, or they just want more muscle mass for whatever reason, I’ll put them on eight ounces of orange juice, high Lucene levels, smoothie. Right. If they work out that type of thing, high carbohydrate, ectomorphs can gain muscle.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have people who can gain muscle and fat at the drop of a hat if they want to, but to shed fat, we cut all their sugars to zero. Basically what happens is this is how your body regulates and uses sugar. And you can tell just by looking at somebody.

So I’m a hardcore endomorph, which means that if I don’t want to be a very large roundball, I can have zero sugar. So which is not fun. My, my eight-year-old makes legitimately the best key lime pie you’ve ever had. And when your eight-year-old makes pie and goes to his daddy, you have some of my pie and I go, no, no, it’s not a great father-son communication relationship right there.

I will often tell him that it’s so good I’ll buy it from you so I can take you to the office because daddy can’t eat it. But I want someone else to have it. He seems to really like that so it works.  There are sacrifices you have to make to go where you want and some are harder than others I get it.

So, in the end, its what makes you happy, as you mentioned earlier, don’t forget what makes you happy. The thing that makes me happiest is when I’m helping other people. And so that’s my thing. So being able to do that with my kiddos makes it fun. So that’s your somatotype. And this plays heavily in your diet and health.

So in my book, which I thought I had, I apologize but make sure you guys all get a copy. What we talk about is how to figure out what your type is and then how to put a diet together so you find your resting metabolic rate and then you figure out, OK, now I’m going to put it into this type of diet, this much the macro set, this protein, this much carbohydrates, this much fat we put together like this, and that’s how I’m going to eat.

So that’s why the somatotype is so important. So when we talk about eating for macros and calories, that’s what I’m talking about. So OK, I need this much fat, this many calories from protein, which is a misnomer.

We’ll talk about it. And this is from carbohydrates. That’s your macro set. That’s how many calories you eat.  In this country, you will never get your nutrients from your food. It’s not going to be possible anymore unless you grow your food on your farm with your stuff, you’re not going to get your nutrients. So you now have to supplement for all of your needs.

One hundred percent have to supplement because the nutrient needs you guys have would far outstrip anything I’ve ever seen in nutrient levels of foods today.

We push ourselves 14, 16, sometimes 20 hours a day.  That requires both fuel and nutrients to survive, especially with the stress we all have.  So you need 2000 calories let’s say for fuel and then you’ll need a boatload of nutrients.  You can not get the nutrients that you will need for your body out of 4000 calories let alone 2000.  So you eat for fuel and for macros and you supplement for health.

You have to have methylated B vitamins, not normal B vitamins because your body is too stressed out to create methylation from B vitamins. I would highly recommend a solid collagen CoQ-10. We can go through all of this later glutathione if I can talk you into that. Coffee enemas, keep that liver clean, hyperbaric, all sorts of things.

We can go through all of those later. But those are very, very important to keep your body functioning. And one of the biggest pieces, minerals, high-grade fulvic, minerals, volcanic minerals. And again, we can go through all these things as we go.

Question: But yes, what’s your take on therapeutic medicine and healing?  

Dr. Chalmers responds in that? eastern medicine is an art. It’s awesome. The funny my favorite part of some of the eastern techniques is that I make the argument that it is more neurologic than it is art because I can look at people and I tell you, if you’re if you have a concussion, like, I will walk in and be like, you hit your head, then people say how do you always know that? 

Because I can see it in your eyes. Your eyes are dilated, they’re glazed over. You look like you, have a hangover. And I can just see it in your face, like when you’re trained to treat, especially in sports and neurology, so highly versed in concussion.

So, yeah, the alternative medicine stuff is very much that way. And then when you’re like when you look at someone’s tongue or you look at someone’s fingernails and you look at those sort of things, you know, the yellowness in the eyes and the fingernail, it’s your body tells you everything that’s wrong with it, if you just will sit down, pay attention, and learn.

Western medicines tests are designed to give Western medicine drugs. They’re not designed to fix the body. That’s something we need to understand. If you want to fix the body, you have to work with the body. If you want to sell drugs, you have to work with chemistry.

And I own a hormone therapy clinic. I’ve tried to buy a pharmacy three times. I’m a big fan of drugs. They do awesome things if used properly. But the idea that we’re going to use pharmacology instead of physiology is stupid. Now you can always use pharmacology to bridge the gap in physiology.  For instance if you have a 35 year old mother who is stressed out and has no testosterone she isnt going to be able to make more because of her stressed physiology, however, she needs testosterone.  So in this case you can balance or bring up physiological needs with pharmacological intervention.

The problem, as I see it, exists when you come in and say hey Im depressed and then without any further investigation the doctor says here is a drug for that.  There is no why, or whats your diet?  There is no lets look at your physiology and clean that up, just here is a drug.  That’s what I feel we should be pushing back against not just drugs.

Speaking of depression I see post pardon depression often and most of these women are told “no one knows why this happens”.  The truth is that your out of nutrients and you were not prepared by your doctor properly before hand.  Do you have a baby a little while ago? Yeah. You have no minerals nutrients left. You can’t run your brain on what you’ve got left. The fact that we don’t do a pregnancy prep for women is irritating. We don’t do the exercises. We don’t do detoxification. We don’t do the nutrient. Mosty women do not get any prep.

I know it sounds bad but this is one of my soap boxes.  When someone has just given birth we then ask too much of them.  I like it when it was back in the 50s where if you had a kid everyone would come take care of the kid so that the new mom could rest.  Today its like hey congratulations you had a baby, I mean it literally tore a giant hole in you but hey there is work you need to do.  New moms don’t get to rest, they don’t get education on exercises to heal the pelvic floor, they don’t get Nutrional advice they need.  Just hey sorry to hear you just got ripped in half but there is work for you to-do so go do it.  Then we wonder why the moms are so unhealthy.  We need to and can do better for our moms.  Im not trying to give a feminist speech here but really this isnt rocket science.

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*This post is automatically transcribed from the video and may have some transcription errors. Even with the automatic transcription, Dr. Chalmers tells it like it is and is extremely fun.


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