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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – My 5 Keys for Athletes

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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – My 5 Keys for Athletes

Transcribed Highlights from the Video:

I’m Dr. Matt Chalmers, a lot of my athletes come in and they want that special supplement or they want that, you know, a special exercise that’s going to get them over the top.. But I always make sure that my athletes have, you know, what I call my big five keys.


So the big keys are first of all sorts of calories. Now, we must focus on what we’re trying to. We’re trying to grow. We’re trying to cut where we’re trying to go. So we focus on getting calories and whether it’s, you know, twenty-five hundred three thousand thirty-five hundred, you’d be shocked at how many people come in when they’re not eating enough calories or they’re eating too many calories to get where they’re trying to go.

And so that’s one of the things we first start with. Then we have spent days talking about what kind of calories. But getting the amount is a big piece.


The next one is going to the water. Now, this is a little bit different going where you live. The average. We tell people, is 50 to 60 percent of your body weight and ounces. That’s good. Now, if you’re an athlete in Oklahoma or Texas and near, say, playing football and here you’re outside for four or five hours in 100-degree heat with 90 percent humidity, that number has to be higher. Now, if you want to push that up to 80, 90, close to 100 percent, your body announces exactly the issue.

The big issue with that comes when you are worried about hyponatremia, which is where you don’t have enough electrolytes. So as long as you’re making sure that you’re getting your salt and stuff like that in supplementation, and you’re going to be fine so that the water’s a really big piece because if you’re not properly hydrated, you’re going to have all kinds of issues with, you know, fatigue muscles not working.


So all that work you just did in the gym, if you don’t get good sleep, you’ve lost most of it. So you’ve got to be sure you’re getting high in good quality sleep. And if you sleep on the couch, do it. If you sleep with special retainers to, you know, increase oxygen to the body, do it because you’ve got to get that sleep ready so that the other big piece is working out.

Work Out Performance

Are you doing the workout that, you know, facilitates attaining your goals?

If the body parts that you worked out that day aren’t sore to the point of almost working. Like if you dread walking down the stairs after like that, you did it right. If you can walk downstairs after, like, say, you didn’t do it right.

I remember lots of times after a big leg day, I had to be extra careful stepping off the curb because my legs would give out. So that’s where you’re looking to get what you’re looking to get to the point where your muscles are completely fatigued for thirty minutes or an hour. So that’s the big piece of the workout.


Now, after all of that stuff, when you check all of those things, that’s when you start looking at testosterone. Do I have enough testosterone to facilitate my body needs? And that’s an easy blood test. You know, men, women need different amounts.

But at the end of the day, we must look at how much testosterone we have because of insufficient. You’re going to have a lot of issues. You know, testosterone goes into osteoporosis, osteopenia, muscle weakening ligaments, and tendon damage. So that one’s on the very end of the spectrum.  don’t have almost any at all. But on the other side, if you have, you know, four hundred and you need, you know, seven hundred or some fifty-eight hundred, that would be one of the things you need to talk to your doctor about. This is what I’m trying to do. You know, I work out instead of being sore for, you know, thirty minutes or so for a week. So these are some of the big things to check on. These are the five keys. I make sure that everybody kind of masters then we to start putting that, you know, the last one or two percent edge on people. So get these things checked out first, then everything else goes.


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