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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – Lift with your back – Don’t be lazy

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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – Lift with your back – Don’t be lazy

This is the 6th in a series of Dr. Chalmers Wellness lecture series to a group of women executives. Dr. Chalmers is on a mission, and that mission is your health.

OK, this is another one that people say all the time that pisses me off when we are like, you shouldn’t live with your back, you should always live with your back constantly because if your back never gets to work out, it’s not going to get strong.

And if you sneezed wrong, you herniated disk picks, pick stuff up off the floor with your back, exercise your back. They never touch your toes multiple times a day. So as you wake up, if we get a bad hold, dumbbells strengthen the Lobach.

You should never avoid doing something with your body because you’re worried about damaging it. You should strengthen that area of your body so you know it will never be damaged. This is a proactive approach. This is they don’t live with your back is telling people to be lazy and that I am not going to lazies.

Lazy doesn’t work. Lazy, lazy doesn’t work. We’re not playing with lazy. So I want you to exercise your back. The other thing is, if you bend over, touch your toes a lot, your hamstrings elongate. When your hamstrings elongate the quit pulling back in your pelvis, one that makes your butt look better.

But the other thing is it allows you to have a little more curve, allowing you to have a spring in your spine so that you can handle weight better. Lifting with your back is critical to function. So this is one of the big, big, big ones we always need to do so.

Work on lifting with your back properly so that you can lift with your back sometimes. So there’s always stuff that also falls out of the car and you do this thing or your kid tries to fall off everything if you have boys as I do. And so you’ve got to always like catch them weird. And so you’re always using your back in ways that you didn’t intend to.

If it’s strong enough to lift 50, 60 pounds, it’s strong enough to catch twenty-five. But if you never exercise it, it can’t handle ten. That’s why Herschbach is strong enough.  

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*This post is automatically transcribed from the video and may have some transcription errors. Even with the automatic transcription, Dr. Chalmers tells it like it is and is extremely fun, and direct.


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