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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – It can be a drug or a carrot – all food is chemistry

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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – It can be a drug or a carrot – all food is chemistry

Dr. Chalmers is on the road to spreading the news and benefits of wellness and its impact on your entire life. This is the fourth in a series in which Dr. Chalmers is speaking quite candidly to a room full of women executives. 

OK, so we can move on to some chemistry, basically biochemistry is anything you put in your body. 

I don’t care if it’s a drug or a carrot. Food is chemistry. If we don’t understand that, you’ll never understand why some people get energy and some people get fat. So what we need to understand is that everything that goes in, including makeup, if you put it on your skin, you’ve put it in your skin. So the quality of the makeup you guys use is important. I am sorry, I am not a makeup expert. 

However, some are better than others. Beauty counter make some pretty good stuff. Clinique, make some decent stuff. There’s are companies out there that make better stuff like the bare minerals that’s another one that I know of is pretty good. So watch what you guys are putting on your skin. 

Tattoos create some issues with metals, the way that they make those colors come out with different metals and they can create a toxic issue if you’re sensitive to them. So if you’re wanting to do an entire side, leg, sleeve, whatever you’re going to do, then you might want to think about doing a little detox beforehand and afterward just to make sure that your body is OK. 

So everything that your body produces and doesn’t produce all of your hormones or chemistry and just because your body made it doesn’t mean it made it in the right amount. Too much. Too little. All sorts of things. So we need to watch those and kind of go through them. 

And then obviously hormones, metabolic waste, stress, waste. The reason that stress kills us is that it creates completely different hormonal systems than when we’re not stressed out. 

So my favorite example and this is not how it works but go with it. So in your adrenals, your stress glands, imagine there’s a little man down there and he gets his Flagg’s like for the help for the airplane. And all this nutrient comes to him and the guy looks up, the brain goes, hey, I’m stressed out. Are we the brain goes, oh shit, it’s so bad. Then it’s cool. Cortisol, all of it goes to cortisol. None of it goes to testosterone. So your heart doesn’t get rebuilt, your bones aren’t rebuilt. You start gaining weight, your energy goes to to zero. Your brain’s ability to function drops to zero. 

But you’re able to sustain high-level function. It’s designed for a short period. This is the sympathetic function. This is why we have cortisol. The problem is we don’t have a shutoff now. So any time the little guy goes, how are we doing the brain goes its always like this, all right, cortisol. So that’s our big issue, is that it’s always, in a sympathetic state. We’re always stressed out. So this is one of those big things about being stressed out. 

It’s we have to recognize that. We have to support that. If you’re going to be at your level, and I hate to tell you this if you’re already here and especially if you’re at this event, you will never drop down from being this person. 

You will always find a reason, find a way to push yourself. If you sold your business tomorrow, you’d be that PTA mom that no one can stand because you’re in charge of everything. You will push yourself your Ferrari’s. That’s what it is. You’re the twin turbocharged Ferrari. 

That’s who you are. So embrace it and just recognize you have to supplement. You’re going to do all these things to keep yourselves as healthy as possible. So that’s the big thing.  

Too much or too little to correct what happens when you get stressed out? There’s a 50/50 shot. Counterintuitive to it, when you get stressed out, your body quits producing hydrochloric acid, you start producing lactic acid, the hydrochloric acid is not there to digest your food. Hydrochloric acid is there to protect you, kill parasites, kill viruses, kill bacteria. So this is also why people get stressed out. 

Those of you who have ulcers, which are created by H pylori, if you’re not stressed out, you can eat whatever you want the HCL will kill the pylori. H. Pylori cannot live in a pH of less than three hydrochloric acids a two lactic acids of four, so it can live just fine. So that’s why we have reflux after. Our stomach does not have a full sensor and as a sensor, so it goes, hey, what’s the pH?  Oh, we need more acid put, more acid in their body as well. Can’t make hydrochloric acid but I’ve got all this lactic acid from all the medical waste shoves in your stomach. 

Your brain goes back down. It goes, hey, the pH is still low, we need more. So you just end up burning your stomach lining. So the medical solution is to shut off all ability to produce acid whatsoever. Well, now we have digestive function problems. 

Now we have ulcer issues. 

Now we have all sorts of viruses, bacteria, stuff like that. 

What you want to do is take supplemental hydrochloric acid, fix it pretty easily. On that note, if you haven’t ever done it, start small because you do have irritation or an ulcer. You’ll find out. 

Dr. Chalmers is on a mission to spread the word on wellness and how you can have a better life. His life lessons are from real patients, real pain, and real happiness. 

Connect with Dr. Chalmers on his private Facebook Group. bit.ly/3fDAq0A 

*This post is automatically transcribed from the video and may have some transcription errors. Even with the automatic transcription, Dr. Chalmers tells it like it is…Better listen


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