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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – Do you laugh and pee at the same time?

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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights – Do you laugh and pee at the same time?

Dr. Chalmers is on the road to spreading the news and benefits of wellness and its impact on your entire life. This is the third in a series in which Dr. Chalmers is speaking quite candidly to a room full of women executives. 

So some of these go into issues I have with the way and these are not issues with you guys, these are issues I have with Western medicine, Western society, and the way that we’ve treated women from a medical standpoint. 

First of all, everybody should be able to bend over and touch your toes. If you can’t, your hamstrings are too tight. We’re going to have hip and knee issues. We have low back issues, things like that. 

So if we can’t, I’ll teach you I’ll teach you how to do it. And by next week, you will touch your toes. People will come back and they’re like, I’ve been trying for a long time. I don’t know how I can’t do it. Like, well, you haven’t been doing a neurologic level. I’ll teach you that. Well, they got this one of my favorites. 

If you can’t put your chin against your chest and look at the ceiling without your neck hurting, we’ve got some issues. This tells me you’ve been staring at a computer too much and not doing your exercises and the computer is in the wrong position. So that only is the effects sitting for a long time without pain. 

Again, it goes to muscle tone and that type of thing. OK, so this one this one’s a big one, the laughing without peeing on yourself. So we ran a pediatric and pregnancy practice for about five years. The vast majority of the reason that athletes come see me now is that how I know how to work on the pelvis and I learned that from a pediatric pregnancy specialist. 

So my men come to see me from what I learn from my education and women’s pelvis. It infuriates me that when you guys go to the OBGYN or talk to your doctor about getting pregnant, no one says. Here are pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Here are Kegel exercises. 

Here are all these things to prepare the body, to carry all of this weight, and then come back from carrying this weight and still be able to function for years. So they’re really easy. You can do it in ten minutes. How if you just handed someone a pamphlet or went go to my YouTube site and watch my videos, all of those will be fine with me. 

We don’t do it. And it’s irritating to me that we don’t because we’re not taking care of one of our most important assets. If you wake up in the morning and you are hurt, there could be multiple reasons. It could be the mattress. It could be that you guys are grinding your teeth. It could be 

that we have an emotional deep-set that is causing us to shake at night or bind in ways that we don’t want to do it. 

So we need to make sure that we go through that and figure out why is it that my left arm hurts when I wake up in the morning? Why is it my jaw hurts? Why are these things? Because if we don’t ask the questions, we don’t ever get the answers. 

So how well can you breathe? This one’s a big one because if you notice that you’re always holding your breath if you notice that you’re always out of breath, these are things that we need to talk about because either your ribs aren’t moving right. You have neurologic things we need to talk about or we just need to get you on a treadmill. So it’s one of these things. 

And then the whole picture down there, anything that hurts all the time, go ahead and write down those things so that we can go through those and figure out how to get everything where it needs to be. So we’ll talk about these a little bit later. Or you can just kind of figure out, oh, there are things I need. 

Dr. Chalmers is on a mission to spread the word on wellness and how you can have a better life. His life lessons are from real patients, real pain, and real happiness. 

Connect with Dr. Chalmers on his private Facebook Group. bit.ly/3fDAq0A 

*This post is automatically transcribed from the video and may have some transcription errors. “Only if they are funny”


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