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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights: Age and time work against us – But you have the power on when the impact hits

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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights: Age and time work against us – But you have the power on when the impact hits

Dr Chalmers Wellness - Stretching every day -

One of the things clients ask is about preventative things and how do I stay healthier longer? I do not think you necessarily use the term preventative because I feel like we’re actively working against something time or age or whatever you want to look at that time is working against us.

If we sit and do nothing, we slowly basically dissolve into major problems. The bones, degenerate discs, degenerate muscles, atrophy that weaken, the ligaments get loose and everything just kind of goes away. The whole if you do not use it, you lose it.

So doing five minutes of daily stretches in the morning at night can drastically change your quality of life forever. It can keep you from herniated disc so you can keep muscles from, you know, fruitarian. You can keep everything moving again because you keep the body kind of oiled up and you know, oh, hey, yeah, I have been over. And so that is not a problem.

People come in all the time with a herniated disc. And I say, Doctor, just I just bend over, pick up this pencil, hurting my desk with this pencil. Could not a herniated disc if I remember you bend over, you are lifting everything from your belt. So, it is not just the pencil, it is that 50, 70, 200 pounds to lifting from your belt up. And you are focusing on a very specific point near a while back.

So, if your bodies not used to bend over and standing up and bending over and standing up, if you do not do it every day and then you go six, seven, eight months without really bending over and touching your toes and you bend over and grab something off the floor and back up quick, that is why we have issues.

Dr Chalmers Wellness - Stretching every day -

Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insight Series – Stretching and routines can help decide how you age.

So, if we recognize that if we do not do something daily, doing our exercises, getting adjusted, take ourselves during our water, water, monitoring your diet, sooner or later we wake up and we go, and how did I get so sick? How did I get to this point? And then people you go in and the doctor looks at you and we had a lot of work to do with you because we had a race, 10, 15, 20 years of poor diets and poor exercise routines. And you have got hormonal issues now because your body has not been making these for so long and you have got, you know, liver issues because it’s just been full of junk and stress and bad chemicals and stuff like that stuff.

Getting in and doing a little bit of maintenance on a regular basis is really, important. Doing your stretches, doing your exercises. You do not go to the gym for two hours every day. If you just spent five or ten minutes in the morning and at night, it could make a huge difference.

So, make sure you get in there with your health care professional, you get your stretches, you get your exercises, you get your body working right. And you keep it right through the small things daily to kind of either lessen or avoid some of the big things down the road.

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