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Chiropractic Care

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How Does Chiropractic Work

Chiropractic care works by activating neurologic receptors in the joints (joint mechanoreceptors) in order to change how the muscles and joints work in the area. A Chiropractic adjustment helps to activate these tiny receptors and reset them. This can help change the way that the muscles affect the joints and the pressure that is applied to the nerves. When there is too much pressure on the nerve the result is often pain and loss of normal muscle function. In this way Chiropractic care can also help change posture and ensure that all joints are moving properly. This change helps restore the body back to its original function which will have a positive effect on many other body systems.

Today’s Chiropractic

It is well known that chiropractic is commonly used to treat neck and back pain. Yet, what is less known is that chiropractic can be used to treat a large number of ailments including headaches, shoulder, elbow and wrist conditions, hip and knee pain, ankle and foot injuries. At Chalmers Wellness we treat patients with a wide range of pain.
When addressing many ailments in the body, whether it is a joint or an illness, the chiropractic outlook is often different than other forms of care. This means that if you have had an issue for a while you might get a different treatment that could give you more relief. Quite often the area of pain is not the only part of your body that needs help. For instance your elbow very often will hurt and need the wrist, elbow, radial head, and bicep muscle treated to completely fix the elbow. In this way chiropractic can address moving a joint, then teach the exercises to strengthen the joint, and show ways to reduce strain on posture. This will significantly reduce problems in the future.

History of Chiropractic

Here at Chalmers Wellness we firmly believe in this form of true care. The age-old practices of performing manual manipulation of the spine can be found in evidence spanning from ancient Greek history to Chinese history. Many of the ancient manual practices were believed to heal and even cure many ailments, even those not related to the spine.
The origins of chiropractic date back to 1895 when a Doctor by the name of D.D. Palmer performed a spinal adjustment on a partially deaf man named Harvey Lillard. After the adjustment, the patient’s hearing began to improve. It was Palmer’s belief that through spinal adjustments in the body, one could heal and even cure any number of pains and ailments, due to the ability of the spine to press on many different nerves.
Many years later, Palmer opened the first chiropractic college in Davenport, Iowa, the Palmer School of Chiropractic, which still stands today as a college that educates doctors of chiropractic. Thus, the treatment of spinal disorders with manual techniques continues to be the main emphasis of chiropractic therapy.

The Chalmers Wellness approach

LorChiropractic healing is a holistic approach. Through exercises, adjustments and a healthy diet, many of the self-healing properties of the body can be activated. Depending on the health problem, chiropractic health care can offer relief either through a series of sessions but sometimes relief is immediate. Chalmers Wellness focuses on providing rapid relief of your pain complaints and will not “sell” you on a long-term treatment protocol that requires you to come back endlessly.

Why Chiropractic?

Many of the current pain management techniques used today only treat the symptoms of a problem and not the cause. Chalmers Wellness aims to find the source of the issue and treat it effectively. This is in contrast to traditional medicines but offers reliable results. As a result, chiropractic is highly effective in preventing future issues from presenting themselves.
Chiropractic is non-invasive (i.e. no drugs and no surgery), therefore there are much fewer risks taken with the procedures that are performed. Using your body’s own natural healing, Chiropractic helps manage pain and other problems. More often than not patients who see chiropractors not only report a decrease in pain but also an improvement in their general wellness.