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Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights: Age and time work against us – But you have the power on when the impact hits

One of the things clients ask is about preventative things and how do I stay healthier longer? I do not think you necessarily use the term preventative because I feel like we’re actively working against something time or age or whatever you want to look at that time is working against us. If we sit…
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Shoulder Pain -Dr Chalmers Wellness

Frozen shoulder: A systematic review of therapeutic options – Will you ever play tennis again?

Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insights: Frozen shoulder is a real thing. It’s not just a feeling you get from your kids when you ask them to clean their rooms. It is real and has some great treatment opportunities. With Dr. Google’s decoder ring one might figure out some of the items below. (Dr. Google has been…
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What is Plantar fasciitis, and are there things to look for?

Dr. Chalmers Wellness Insight: This article in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences was originally released in August of 2012. It has been cited in other publications and articles. Great background, but as always Dr. Google needs an interpreter. Send me a note or set an appointment to discuss your specific issue. There may…
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