Everyone has a certain level of stress now and again, however, many of us have stress every single day.  Regardless if you can feel the stress on your body or not, your body can show warning signs that it is braking down.  A short list of these symptoms are: fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, not being able to go to sleep or stay asleep, headaches, ulcers, gas, acid reflux disease/GURD, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, and many more.  All of these symptoms have a prescription drug "solution" associated with them. However, none of the drugs correct the underlying problem.  The problem is that none of them treat the brain and the organs most affected by stress, the adrenal/suprarenal glands.  When your body comes under stress your brain sends a message to your adrenal glands, right above your kidneys, and tells these glands to stop making all the other hormones they were making and focus on only 4.  These 4 hormones are:  

1.      Adrenalin: This hormone causes an immediate burst of energy, makes the heart beat harder, raises blood pressure and over time leads to heart disease.    

2.      Norepinephrine (noradrenalin):  This hormone takes blood out of the digestive tract and puts it into the muscles.  This leads to digestive problems 


3.      Cortisol:  this hormone breaks down fat into sugar keeping your energy level constant all day.  It also controls sleep, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and suppresses the immune system.  Allergies, arthritis, fatigue, sleep, and weight issues are related to problems with this hormone.   


4.      DHEA:  This hormone is considered to be the master sex hormone of the body controlling estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.  Imbalances with this hormone can affect menopause, PMS, infertility, loss of libido, and much more. Takingproper care of these hormones is critical to maintaining a high quality of life.  Supplementation, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes where possible, along with spinal adjustments will help restore proper function to the adrenal glands.  While it is impossible to avoid all stress it is possible to ensure your body can deal with the stress you encounter.  

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