Many people these days have sleep issues.  There are many different sleep issues however the main issues fit into three categories, getting to sleep, staying asleep, and getting deep restful sleep.  Getting to sleep means just that, within 10 minutes of your head hitting the pillow you are asleep.  If when you try to go to sleep your mind is still buzzing and you are thinking about everything you did the day before and everything that you have to do tomorrow and you can't sleep that counts.  Staying asleep involves not waking up at all during sleep.  If you wake up and roll over and go back to sleep or if you wake up to go to the bathroom you are not sleeping properly.  Getting deep restful sleep is best described by waking up after 6-8 hours sleep and feeling rested and refreshed and ready to start a new day.  If after you have had 6-8 hours of sleep and you wake up and feel as though you are still tired and want more sleep you are not sleeping deeply.  There are several reasons that you can be experiencing these issues from hormones to digestion even parasitic infections or other smaller infections in the gut wall.  There are many natural ways that Chalmers Wellness can help you correct these issues and regain your restful sleep.  We have had dozens of highly successful cases in patients of all ages from infant to 65+.  Please call for your free consultation today.

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