A woman's menstrual cycle can present many painful and delicate problems.  During this stage women can retain water, become more emotional, be much more sensitive to touch and hurt all over.  All of these symptoms can be addressed through chiropractic protocols.  The pain from cramps and from endometriosis can be soothed with adjustments fairly quickly.  The emotional and some of the other chemical changes can be dealt with very well with nutrition.  There is no reason to hurt or feel bad when you don't have to.  Realigning the pelvis and working with the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic girdle will lesson the intensity of the cramps and allow a woman to get through it without pain.  As long as a woman continues to receive the adjustments her pain during her cycle will decrease.  No matter how bad it is or how long the pain has been there fixing the ligaments, muscles, and bones of the pelvis will help her.


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