Neck Pain is a common symptom that people seek out chiropractic for.  Whether it is a sore muscle, a pinched nerve, or even a herniated/slipped disc, chiropractic can help tremendously with your problems.  Many of these problems can come from the way in which we live our lives and the stresses that we put on our bodies.  Many of us work with computers, either all day or part of the day, as we look down at the screen or the keyboard we lean our heads forward.  This motion can cause increased tension on the back part of the neck and in turn result in sore muscles.  If this process is left in place long enough it can straighten the natural curve in the neck.  When the natural curve in the neck is lost it creates tension on the spinal cord held inside the vertebrae  and this can lead problems including; disc problems in the neck or low back, weakness or pain in the arms, heart burn and digestive problems and a large assortment of other symptoms.  Not all neck pain will end up with severe symptoms however over time it is very possible for these symptoms to appear.  These symptoms appear due to the loss of information from the brain to the body and then from the body to the brain.  This information is critical to normal daily function which includes movement, digestion, immune function, headaches back pain and all other functions.  It is critical that the cervical curve be reestablished and maintained.  Proper curve maintenance is the best and sometimes only way to keep neck pain away permanently.

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