Migraine and Sinus HEADACHES 


            Headaches can be caused from a number of sources.  The most common forms however are chemical sources, such as in migraines, or physical sources, such as in many sinus headaches.  In a migraine headache what happens is that the brain doesn't get enough oxygen so it tells the arteries around it to constrict, thus increasing blood flow and oxygen flow.  When the blood speeds up tiny particles that travel with the blood called platelets start to slam into the walls of the arteries.  When this happens the platelets burst open and drop serotonin into the artery in question.  When this happens the artery opens up to let the blood flow through easier because serotonin is a waste product and the artery doesn't want it around.  Once the serotonin is gone the artery closes back down and the cycle starts over.  While the artery is getting bigger and smaller pain is increased due to the pain fibers that wrap the artery.  This also accounts for the throbbing sensation associated with many migraines.

        Sinus headachesare usually more physical in nature.  These occur due to pressure build up in the sinus cavities that are unable to clear using the normal lymph and drainage system in the head.  As the pressure builds up in the sinus cavities it starts to push out on tissues that have a large number of nerves in them thus causing intense pain.  As different as these two problems are they are treatedwith a cervical adjustment and in the case of the sinus headache some manual draining of the sinus cavities.  Prevention is also very easy in both cases with minimal chiropractic treatments throughout the year and with a small number of exercises the chances of lowering your migraines and sinus headaches is very good.

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