Fibromyalgia is becoming more common in the U.S. as stress levels increase and diet quality decreases.  Fibromyalgia can be caused by a number of different reasons, however for a majority of the cases the underlying problem is the same.  The reason that Fibromyalgia is so painful is that the cells in the tissues that are hurting are full of toxins that they cannot release.  This causes the cells to become irritated and very painful.  In order to allow the cells of the body to release the toxins they create into the blood stream, the blood stream has to be clean enough to handle more toxins.  Thus the first step is to restore nerve flow and clean the blood allowing the brain to start to handle this problem.  Restoring nerve flow to and from the brain is done with very specific chiropractic adjustments.  Cleaning the blood is done with a series of supplements designed to greatly increase the amount of anti-oxidants and help move the toxins out of your blood while restoring the PH balance of the blood.  Once the levels of toxins in the blood have been decreased, the cells can be encouraged to release their metabolic waste and begin the healing process within the cell.  The release of toxins into the blood happens gradually, however can only reduce the pain and discomfort long term if the problem that caused the blood to not be able to purge is corrected.  There are a number of causes and thus a number of solutions, however it is important that you see someone who is familiar with these reasons so you can achieve the best success.

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