In today's hustle bustle world life can sure seem to run you down.  It can even get so bad that you don't have the energy, or even the desire, to go anywhere.  You have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and then you can not get to sleep at night.  All day long at work its all you can do to stay awake you don't get as much finished as you could or would like to.  You drink more coffee and RedBulls than you really should but still have a hard time staying awake.  You are starting to have digestion problems and its really starting to bug you. 

            If any of the above sound like you then there is a good chance that you are in adrenal exhaustion.  This is a very severe problem and can lead to a large number of other health problems like, heart disease, malnutrition, bad heartburn or GURD, depression, not to mention all the personality effects it can have on someone's mind.  

            There is however good news.  All of these problems can be reversed and it is possible to go back to the time when you could sleep, you didn't have heartburn, and you were a nice person that everyone wanted to be around.  This problem is closely associated with some digestive problems and the treatment is very similar.  First the body, moreover the adrenal glands, must be fed and be fed properly.  Next, a clear pathway must be opened up between the brain and the body, which is done with chiropractic adjustments.  Lastly, there are some lifestyle changes that when implemented help the body relax.  These changes are setup between the doctor and the patient so as to maximize there effect for that person.  This problem is very common among females of all ages so it is important that they be seen to avoid any future problems.

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