Constipation is a problem that is growing in frequency with many people today however that does not mean that it is in any way normal or ok.  Constipation is often linked to a diet high in refined food, overly cooked food, and intestinal infection; normally parasitic.  Constipation is a much bigger problem than a lot of people think because if a person does not have at least one healthy bowel elimination a day then toxins can leach out of the intestines and into the body causing a host of other problems. Hence, the saying:  "Death begins in the colon."   


                Constipation over time; a week or more, is often linked to adrenal insufficiency.    The adrenals are responsible for holding fluid in the colon; without adequate adrenal hormones, the stool becomes very hard and often hard to pass causing straining.  This problem is serious and should be checked immediately.

                A toxic liver can also contribute to creating a toxic colon and thus constipation as well.  When the liver/gallbladder function is abnormal, lack of bile and failure to synthesize critical compounds can lead to undigested fat and other toxic chemical compounds entering the colon, disrupting gut ecology and, possibly, inducing increased weight gain as a protective measure to deal with toxic chemicals being absorbed by the colon that should have been detoxified by the liver.  Thus liver/gallbladder cleansing is often needed. 

                Symptoms of constipation including: Irregular, small or infrequent bowel eliminations (normal is at least one healthy bowel elimination a day), dry stools, hard to pass stools (having to strain), frequent gas.

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