Digestive disorders are a category that a lot of different ailments fall into.  From constipation and diarrhea, to gas and bloating, or the ever popular acid reflux/GURD, and lets not leave out the nausea and cramping.  As hard as it is to believe a lot of these problems stem from the same cause and thus have similar solutions.  To get a better handle on what is going on inside of your body we first have to discuss your brain…..yes your brain.  You see everything in your body is controlled by your brain, all the time.  Now your brain has 2 modes, the sympathetic or "fight/run away" and the parasympathetic "rest/digest".  It is important to remember that if your brain has to give importance to one over the other the sympathetic system gets control.  Having said that if you are stressed out and in a hurry and you eat you will often get heartburn, gas, constipation, indigestion, or just feel lethargic for a while.  This is because your body isn't producing the chemicals it need to digest food.  For instance if you don't produce enough stomach acid then your body has to churn its food harder in which case it splashes more acid up into the esophagus which leads to heartburn and GURD.  This same problem can also lead to diarrhea if the food gets through the stomach.  This problem is very common many people say its just stress and don't do anything to fix it.  However, there is a very effective fix.  Since this is a disorder with the brain it will affect the entire body's organs so vitamins are used to help restore nutrients to the adrenal glands and to the thyroid.  The second issue which is no less important is the spinal adjustments used to clear information to the brain to help calm the brain down.  This along with some easy to follow individualized lifestyle changes help the brain and body to rest and relax.


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