Back pain is what chiropractors are most well known for.  Over the last few decades chiropractic has been hailed as the best cure for low back pain and for herniated/slipped discs.  This is mostly due to the speed at which the pain is removed and the incredibly low possibility of side effects or other adverse problems.  Chiropractic helps remove the pain by removing the pressure on nerves, however pressure on a nerve does not always produce pain it can lead to decrease in function.  If this decrease in function is to the muscles around the disc then it is very possible that a disc can herniate or "slip".  This herniation can lead to further loss of function or tremendous pain.   When there is loss of function from nerves in the lower back it can often times show up as sexual dysfunction, bowel bladder dysfunction, endometrial or menstrual problems, and infertility.  Correcting these problems is very important and it is also important to start working on these problems as early as possible to ensure proper return of all normal function.  However, there are complicating factors.  The low back is at the end of the spine and thus many of the problems associated with the low back can be caused from higher up in the spinal cord.  Many times the problem that is higher in the cord needs to be addressed first before the low back can be totally fixed.  Once these problems are fixed then it is fairly simple to keep these problems from returning with specialized maintenance care.  


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