Allergies affect a very large number of people.  They can come in a variety of forms from food, to airborne/dust and pollen, to everyday chemicals.  Reactions rang from very subtle, ones you can't even notice, to very severe, the peanut allergy that kills and everything in-between.  For some people the only way to escape these problems is to leave the area, however this is not always a good option. 

             Treating allergies is often difficult if you do not know what a person is allergic to for this reason Chalmers Wellness has teamed up with Immuno Labs, to perform food allergy testing.  This testing is very helpful in creating diet plans that help individuals feel better and stay healthy as well as get back their lives.  As for airborne allergies it is important to do everything you can to avoid them.  However, this is very difficult since we all need to breathe, so the next best thing is to have spinal adjustments preformed on a regular basis in order to bolster the immune system to help fight off such attacks.  Increasing vitamin C intake along with getting quality sleep is important during the roughest of days.


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