ADD/ADHD is one of the largest problems in schools today.  The problem is that kids are often malnourished and asked to complete tasks that they can barley do while well nourished.  The solution medically is often Ritalin, which is very similar to cocaine but lasts longer in the brain, and has been shown to produce unwanted side effects.  Many times the out of control behavior that the drugs are trying to control can be side-stepped with a proper breakfast.  However, there are other problems that are of concern, for instance the information going back to the brain.  If there is a substantial block of information returning to the brain then, even if a person can not feel it, the brain can start to lose the ability to concentrate.  Both of these concerns can be met and treated with a minimal of time and discomfort. 

             First, a series of chiropractic adjustments are preformed to reestablish nervous flow back to the brain.  This information helps to build up weak areas of the brain.  This coupled with a properly developed diet made specifically for the individual helps to reestablish normal function and will allow the child to be dealt with easily and calmly.  However, and this is very important, if your child is 4-13 and they are acting a little crazy and hyper it very well be that they are just kids.

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