Acne has been proven to be linked to disordered intestinal bacterial ecology (often due to intestinal infection): poor diet exacerbates the condition (esp. sugar, fried foods, hydrogenated oils); slower response to healing in non-breast fed adults.  This problem is normally worse during times of increased metabolic activity such as high growth phases such as puberty and times of increased stress made worse by adrenal exhaustion.  Acne can be helped a great deal by changing the flora and environment of the intestines.  While the intestinal flora is being changed dietary changes must be made to ensure the quickest recovery.  It is very important to address the intestinal concerns first due to the possibility of scarring form acne and the damage that most cleansers and cleaners do to the skin. 

                Hormones also play a large role in most skin problems.  Maintaining the proper balance of hormones is critical for all stages of life and the skin can show problems with hormonal changes in both men and women.  Skin problems from both intestinal and hormonal problems can lead to problems further down the road and is a warning sign that something is wrong.

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